Food is medicine. I absolutely, 100% believe that the food we choose to eat is an essential, key component to our overall health and well-being. I also believe that eating well, eating “clean,” or sticking to a strict diet (no matter WHICH diet it is!) simply is not enough (and in some cases, may even make matters worse).

We are complex, multi-dimensional beings. Therefore, taking good care of ourselves, getting to the root of and curing that which ails us, requires a multi-faceted approach that goes well beyond what we eat.

Nourishment comes in many forms. In addition to our diets, we also gain nourishment (or not) from many other sources such as our: relationships, career / work in the world, physical activity, and spirituality. While I’m a firm believer in eating greens with every meal, the truth is if you are in a toxic relationship, feel stuck in a job you hate, live a sedentary (OR overly active!) lifestyle, &/or are disconnected from the greater mysteries of life, you’re still gonna be miserable! All the kale and goji berries in the world won’t fix any of that!

Putting together your best life is a bit like piecing together a puzzle. It takes time, patience and perseverance. When it comes to one’s health and well-being it also takes kindness, curiosity and compassion, first and foremost towards oneself as well as those around us. And while it is certainly possible to put the puzzle together on your own, the learning is much richer, the results quicker and more sustainable when you have proper support and guidance in place.

We are wired for connection. We are not meant to tackle life’s challenges alone. Our brains just don’t work that way. As social animals, we are designed to live and work and learn together. Friends, family, co-workers, teachers, mentors, coaches all play an important role in our growth and development as human beings. Maintaining positive relationships in all these realms, even as we age, is essential to living our best lives.

Relationships are primary. If you eat well, exercise, drink lots of water, get good sleep and yet still feel like something isn’t quite right, this may be an area to look at. Begin with your relationship to yourself. What do you feel worthy of? What are the stories you tell yourself every day? What are your deepest values? Who do you think you are? Who would you like to become?

The way we relate to ourselves ripples out into all other relationships and aspects of our lives. Therefore, we must start here. Like it or not. You must be on good terms with yourself before you can expect to reconcile any other part(s) of your life. That’s just the way it is… :-)

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